Tashkent, Mr. David. Tashkent

This is what my driver, Emran always says to me when I note in my fractured Russian some of the more heinous Uzbek driving habits. Emran is a great guy, and he handles the craziness pretty well. 

Most of the crazy stuff has gotten run of the mill, but a few things still get my attention. Like the drivers who decide that they can get further down the road at a traffic light by driving--I kid you not--in the oncoming traffic lanes. That is one that still gets me.

A Month In

Well, we're a month in. Alex has started school, and the report (with 3 days in the books) is that it is pretty good. He has liked the class thus far. He has been learning Russian at home, and will add more Russian at school. And I am sure that as the routine gets more established, he will get even more comfortable. It is a lot of change for him to process.


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